Ingrid Hagne is a Credentialed Diabetes Educator at Diabetes And Health Solutions. She  currently services the Port Douglas Shire providing Diabetes education and support, at the Port Douglas Neighbourhood Centre on a monthly basis.

Ingrid believes in "taking education to the people", to make it more accessible to the community and the people who need it. This is why the DAHS slogan is "Better Health through Understanding".

Ingrid's services include one on one, or group sessions on topics such as Pre-conception care,

Gestational diabetes,  Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes, Impaired glucose tolerance, Impaired fasting glucose and more.
These sessions will be held monthly at the Neighbourhood Centre on,
March 16th 2-5pm,
April 13th 2-5pm,
May 18th 2-5pm,
and June 22nd 2-5pm.

For a referral consult your GP.

Ingrid will also be running a "What Now?" program designed to assist newly diagnosed people living with diabetes  in becoming more confident and comfortable in the day to day management of their diabetes. for more information on the "What Now?" program contact Ingrid on 0411 225 955 or phone Diabetes QLD on 1300 136 588 or visit their website
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